“Okay, I lost my mind, it’s somewhere out there stranded

I think you stand under me if you don’t understand me

Had my heart broken by this woman named Tammy”


This submodule defines a model of a kitchen for cooking en masse. The goal of this is to create an idiom for distributing cooking tasks.

It contains both a protocol of a pierogis kitchen and an implementation.

The protocol is based on Server, Kitchen, and Chef classes working together to allow any mode of distributed computing, like multiprocessing, lambda, http, etc.

The implementation here uses multiprocessing.

The protocol defines an OrderTaker (implemented with Server) for handling a request for media to be cooked. The OrderTaker should transform this into an Order filled with Ticket objects to describe each frame. The Server passes this off to a Kitchen which decides how to cook the Order. Ultimately, a Cooker (implemented with Chef) cooks the Ticket and a cooked Pierogi is produced.

  • Ticket - Describes in a json-friendly format the input media, Ingredient objects, and instructions for a Recipe

  • Order - A collection of many tickets and a desciption for handling the Course output as a whole

  • Server - Interfaces with instructions provided in a parsable format, creating an Order for a Kitchen to process and checking its status

  • Chef - Cooks a ticket and saves it to a specified location

  • Kitchen - Cooks an Order using a Chef, possibly distributing the work (multiprocessing, etc.)