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import numpy as np

from .ingredient import Ingredient
from .pierogi import Pierogi
from .recipe import Recipe

[docs]class Dish(Ingredient): """ cook a pierogi with a recipe """ _pierogi: Pierogi = None
[docs] def prep( self, pierogi: Pierogi, recipe: Recipe = None, **kwargs ): """ set the recipe to cook for this dish :param recipe: something callable that returns a cook(pixels) method. Any Ingredient (including Recipe) is an example of this :param pierogis: a list of Pierogi to cook """ self.pierogi = pierogi if recipe is None: recipe = Recipe() self.recipe = recipe
[docs] def cook(self, pixels: np.ndarray) -> np.ndarray: return self.recipe.cook(self.pierogi.pixels)
[docs] def serve(self) -> 'Dish': """ cook the recipe and set the output to this object's pixel array """ # cook with these pixels as first input cooked_pixels = self.recipe.cook(self.pierogi.pixels) # ensure that the cooked pixels do not overflow 0-255 clipped_pixels = np.clip(cooked_pixels, 0, 255) # # set the objects own pixels to the result of cooking cooked_pierogi = Pierogi(pixels=clipped_pixels) return Dish(pierogi=cooked_pierogi)